A Warm Welcome from
the Co-Founders

Dear Future Families, Friends and Visitors, 

The doors of the International Friends School early childhood program are open and the children are thriving.  Our gratitude is endless for the pioneering parents who selected our program and have faith in our teachers, to begin the journey of their child becoming fluent in Mandarin and English,  grow their awareness of their community and ultimately the bigger world at large, and nurture the kind, capable heart and mind of every child in our classrooms.

While we are dedicated to the teaching and learning of every moment during the school day, we are equally dedicated to strategically thinking about the next one, five, ten years of the International Friends Schools.  Our goal is to always engage in the present for our current children and the future for our children to come.

We invite all interested parents, community members, educators to become part of our story. Please take some time to read through our website, we believe you will like what you read when it comes to our philosophy on curriculum, pedagogy and language acquisition, school calendar, and nurturing young children to take on the importance and value of being a compassionate, caring human in a complicated world.

The first Wednesday of every month we have an Open House from 6:30 – 7:45 in the early childhood center. We look forward to sharing in more detail about our current early childhood program and what is to come in the 2020/2021 kindergarten program.  Please come join us!

Here’s to building a beautiful school together,

Sue Brooks

Co-founder/Head of School

Alli Frank

Co-founder/Head of Growth and Expansion