Tuition Rates 2019 - 2020

Pre-school Program (3 years old by Sept. 1)

Pre-kindergarten Program (4 years old by Sept. 1)

School Day Tuition Rate (8:15 - 3:30):  $21,840

Full Day Rate (8:15 - 6:00):  $26,540

Includes all snacks, three hot organic meals per week and three hard back project books a year.

Our Tuition Rates are the same from Preschool to 5th grade

 With the balanced year calendar,  the IFS school year is 12 days longer (190 school days) than the average private school year (176 days) and 10 days longer than public schools (180 days).  Additionally, the IFS school day is, on average, 20 minutes longer than peer private and public schools.

We are happy to work with our students for 1,400 instructional hours per year.

IFS offers an "all-inclusive tuition". There will not be any additional tuition or fees incurred during the school year. The all inclusive tuition includes: 

  • All books and supplies needed for all curriculums.

  • All curriculum related activities: field trips, public library, parks, gardens, theater and performances. We take on average 4-6 field trips a year.

  • IFS will integrate into the curriculum teaching and learning about healthy living, cooking and gardening.

  • IFS will provide two vegetarian snacks a day and often they will be harvested, cooked and served by the students. Lunch is brought from home two days a week.

  • Individual portfolio of progress, learning and work.

  • IFS yearbook and two other hardback books specific to a student's learning during the course of the year.