With over 35 years of educational experience between them, IFS is the school endeavor of Sue Brooks and Alli Frank. They believe children in today’s world need to embrace their lives today so they may fully prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.   Sue launched IFS while unpacking boxes in her new home shortly after her move to Seattle from Shanghai.  A year later, Alli joined the project after quickly realizing that she and Sue were of one mind and heart about what they wanted for young learners during the precious years of childhood.  Those “things” are:

  • A learning environment that develops young adults of strong character, moral decision-making and ethical values. We believe that Quaker education helps shape strong, self-cultivated character.

  • Fluency in two languages and an emerging third. Global competency insists on biliterate global citizens.

  • A solution to the American educational problem of summer learning loss and American schools and students not being academically competitive on a global playing field.

  • Constant and continuous communing with nature and stewardship of the environment.

  • Music, fine and theater arts as a recognized essential element of a well-round education.

  • Academic excellence defined by an integrated curriculum, applied real-world learning and an beautiful learning environment that serves as the third teacher. Our students have a strong foundation of applied math, science and engineering.

  • Authentic risking-taking and challenge that allow students to fail, stretch, adjust, get up and eventually find success.