Mission and Values Statements


IFS Mission statement: 


To prepare students to embrace the challenges of today so they may seize the opportunities of tomorrow. 

Preparando a los estudiantes a abrazar los retos de hoy para ejercer las oportunidades del mañana

IFS Values Statements: 

The IFS values are a marriage of the six Quaker testimonials - service, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship – and the commitment IFS has to every child in the school.


Celebrating the love of life and the thrill of discovery.


Cultivating kinship, kindness, and caring for all human lives and for planet earth.


Nurturing scholarship, imagination and curiosity through authentic risk-taking.


Fostering a bold and resilient character that practices industriousness, optimism, gratitude and integrity.


Through the values of joy, stewardship, wisdom and principle, a foundation will exist for every student to own and cherish the responsibility for their vibrant, diverse, ever-changing community.